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May 9, 2013
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Dodge ball. It was one of your favourite games you enjoyed playing in gym class. You were really good at dodging; you were decent with catching; but you absolutely sucked at aiming. You were almost always completely off target.

To your surprise, you had found yourself being the very last member standing on your team, but the other team only had one member left as well, so it should be okay, right? Nope, of course not, because the person you were up against was none other than Vash Zwingli.

Vash was well known for many things; one of them being having a killer aim. You mentally cursed your bad luck for being the last person standing. You didn't mind getting hit by anyone in the game, but it's a completely different story when you're the last one on your team. All your team members are shouting and cheering you on while the others are trying to distract you. It was very nerve wrecking and put a lot of pressure on you.

All of the balls have made it to your side, so Vash couldn't hit you. He didn't have any ammunition after all. If you didn't throw any of the balls on your side, then the game would be at a standstill. No one wanted that though—they wanted a clear winner.

You hesitantly picked up a ball and walked over as close as possible to the line that separated the gym for the two teams. You then threw the ball, aiming for Vash's leg, but you missed. Your team members groaned as you scurried to pick up another ball to throw. You missed again. By now, most of your team has lost their faith and patience with you and decided to give up hoping for a victory.

Soon enough, you were out of ammunition. You stood as far back as possible when the blond student picked up a ball and walked calmly over to the divider. Your heart thumped loudly in your chest as Vash aimed the ball at you. The Swiss male, as stated before, had killer aim. He has never missed a target. Ever. Your eyes carefully watched the ball, readying yourself on where to go the instance the ball left Vash's hand. Then, just a split second before Vash could throw the ball, somebody from the sidelines had shouted out.

"I can't believe you would hit the girl that you're madly in love with!"

This one sentence had caught Vash completely off guard, but it was too late as the Swiss man was distracted when he threw the ball, causing him to miss. The entire gym grew silent as everyone stared at the blond male in shock. It took a while for everyone to register to his or her mind what had just happened.

Vash missed. Vash Zwingli. Missed. His target.

The entire gym suddenly erupted into an uproar. Both you and Vash were completely stunned as everyone around you urged you to finish the game. You snapped out of reverie and tried to grab the ball that had just made it over to your side, but Vash had already obtained a new ball in hand and was aiming for you yet again. He threw it with no hesitation, and the ball was coming straight for you.

Figuring you might as well try, you extended your arms outwards in hopes of catching the ball. The feel of the rubber material in your hands caused you to grin. You had successfully caught the ball.

The teacher blew into the whistle, signaling the end of the game. Most of your team members ran up to you to congratulate you, but the rest rushed to Vash, wondering just what the hell happened when he missed.

"I can't believe it! How did that happen?!" you heard a fellow classmate ask as you walked over to the group.

"Yeah Vash! You never miss! Just what happened when you threw the ball?" somebody else asked.

You heard Antonio, a friend of yours, laugh, "Was it because of what I said? I can't believe it worked!"

You then cut into the conversation, causing everyone to direct his or her attention towards your tired self, "Antonio, that was you that spoke out loud at that time?"

The Spaniard nodded, "Uh-huh~! I thought that distracting this little guy would help our team, so I only spoke my mind of the truth."

"I'm going to go get a drink of water," Vash said, walking out of the group. You could have sworn you saw a slight blush on the blond's face, but you assumed that it was because he worked himself out with the game and was now tired.

Thankfully for you, gym was your last class, so you didn't have to stay that long around everyone's gossip and whispers about Vash's slip up. As you walked through the school to the exit to go home, you could feel a lot of stares from the other students trained on you. This made you self-conscious, causing you to look down at the ground and to walk at a faster pace.

At home, all you could think about was the events during gym class. It really shouldn't have been that big of a deal, but this was Vash you were talking about. The Vash Zwingli with amazing aim that never missed anything. The Vash Zwingli who would never get into a fight as he didn't like choosing sides and preferred to stay neutral. The Vash Zwingli...that you had hopelessly fallen in love with.

You lay down your bed and squeezed your stuffed animal close to your chest. Vash was really popular amongst the females in the school, but he never really gave anyone except his sister much thought. At first, you were just slightly interested in him after hearing all these wonderful things about him, then you became infatuated with him the moment you first laid your eyes on him at gym class, but now...Now you were just head over heels for him. You were really nervous around him the first few days, but you had really started warming up to him later on. You had two classes with Vash's little sister, Lili, and you were good friends with her, so you had an easier time having him open up and talk to you compared with the other females.

Your thoughts went back to Vash's expression the moment Antonio spoke out at the game. He looked so flustered. It was an expression you had never seen him wear, and you thought it looked really cute. You heaved a sigh and turned to your side.

"There's no way he'll ever like me back..." you thought glumly.


The next day was a total annoyance to you. It seemed like everyone's topic of discussion was Vash's slip up at gym the previous day. Whenever you saw Vash around the school, you saw him being surrounded and interrogated other male students. The blond looked really close to snapping someone's neck in half after being asked the same question so many times that you felt sorry for him. You wanted to go up to the group and tell them to leave Vash alone, but you were stuck in a similar situation as Vash in which you were surrounded by a lot of your female schoolmates. However, while the males focused on the fact that Vash missed, the females focused more on the reason as to why Vash had missed, and that was because Antonio had yelled something out about him hitting the girl he loved.

"So, are you and Vash a thing?" Elizaveta asked you while you were gathering your belongings at your locker.

That was the umpteenth time in that day that you've been asked the same question, and it really started to tick you off to have to repeat the same answer multiple times over. You slammed your locker super loud, causing some of your friends to jump.

"For the millionth time," you said, taking a few deep breaths to keep yourself calm and composed, "Vash and I are not a couple."

"Aww," Chelles whined. "That's a shame. I totally ship the two of you together."

You let out an amused laugh and shook your head at your friend's response. "You're so weird."

"What? I'm just stating the truth," Elizaveta smiled triumphantly.

You sighed, "Well, that's probably never gonna happen. Anyways, I better go and head off to gym. Bye!"

"Bye~! Have fun!" your friends waved as you turned on your heel and started heading towards the gym. You grew more nervous with each step as you neared the gym; if you followed the pattern of your previous classes, you would be the center of attention, and you didn't want that. You preferred blending in with the rest of the class.

Your suspicions were right, as everyone had turned to look at you the moment you walked through the doors. You gulped and tried to avoid your classmates' gazes. That was when someone had swung their arm over your shoulders. It was none other than Antonio.

"It seems like I caused you a lot of trouble," Antonio said, laughing a bit.

You rolled your eyes and replied sarcastically, "Oh, you think so?"

Antonio gave an apologetic smile, "Sorry. I didn't think it was going to be like this. Sorry for all the trouble..."

You smiled at the Spaniard's apology. "Don't worry about it, but you fricken' owe me. Is that understood?"

"Si!" Antonio answered enthusiastically, finally letting go of you.

"Good," you grinned.

Just then, the teacher had started the class and everyone grew quiet and attentive. The teacher made brief eye contact with you, and you could've sworn he looked apologetic. He probably wasn't expecting all of this trouble and drama from a simple game of dodge ball.

"Great," you thought, "Even the teachers are talking about this. Just great!"

The teacher cleared his throat and spoke, "So, today, we will be working with partners."

Without any further explanation on what the activity was, the teacher had started assigning partners to everyone. It was a very simple method of assignment. He just assigned the two people who were beside each other as partners. If the teacher followed this pattern, you would've been partners with Antonio, but something caught your eye. Vash had walked up to the two of you and had started talking with Antonio about something with Physics or something, but that wasn't all. Vash had positioned himself so that he was closer to you than Antonio was before. The Spaniard hadn't realized, but you did, causing your curiosity to be piqued. The two males were still talking when the teacher had given you your assignment.

"[Name], Vash will be your partner," he said, glancing towards Vash to see if he had heard. He did and nodded, showing that he understood.

After that, the teacher continued giving the assignments to the remaining students. As soon as the teacher was done, he had made his way to start his explanation of the activity for the day, but he was called out.

Everyone started talking amongst each other the moment the teacher left the group. You looked down at the ground and fidgeted slightly.

"So...We're partners," you said, attempting to start a conversation.

"Yeah," Vash replied.

The two of you became silent, and the atmosphere became awkward. After a while, you decided to look up at Vash, and you were surprised to find him blushing.

"Listen...I, uh...I think I owe you an explanation for what happened yesterday," Vash said. "You're pretty much in the same boat as me, so..."

"You really don't need to," you interrupted the blond, "I'm sure you're tired to having to explain the same thing over and over."

Vash shook his head, "You're right, but I need to explain it to you of all people."

"...Alright then," you replied, sounding slightly uneasy.

" heard what Antonio said when I threw the ball, right?" Vash asked.

You nodded, blushing slightly. "Yeah."

"Well, the thing is, it was so sudden that it caught me off guard," Vash explained.

"That's completely understandable," you replied.

"I'm not done yet," Vash continued. "The truth is...Antonio was right. I couldn't dare hit you."

"What do you...?" you asked not quite understanding before trailing off and starting to piece things together. Indeed, you slowly realized that whenever your class played dodge ball, there wasn't a single time where Vash had aimed to get you out of the game.

"I...I didn't want to hit you, because, well...even if it's just a game, I didn't want to hit you...the girl I liked," Vash confessed.

By now, the class had grown quiet and started eavesdropping on your conversation, but you ignored them. "O-Oh...well, the truth is that" you struggled with words as you tried to respond to the confession.

Vash smiled, "I know. Lili told me."

"...Oh," you replied lamely. You made a mental note to whine to Lili later on when you saw her, but you couldn't really blame the girl. After all, it wasn't like you had her promise not to tell her brother.

"St-still, I think I should say it out loud to you too. I...I really like you too."

Vash smiled at your confession, which in turn caused heat to rise to your cheeks and return a shy smile. From the corner of your eye, you saw Antonio grinning widely and making a heart shape with his hands and positioned it so that both you and Vash were in the middle of it.

"...I have a question though," said.

"What is it?" Vash asked.

"I saw what you did with Antonio. That was really sly of you to position yourself so that you were closer to me. I thought it was strange how you started a conversation with Antonio considering how the two of you barely talked with each other, and since I thought you would have blamed him for all this drama around the school. Why did you do that?"

Vash smiled sheepishly. "I saw how the teacher was assigning the partners, and I was aiming to be your partner."

"Well, your reputation precedes you. You hit the target."
Hey, it's been a while since I last uploaded a Hetalia reader insert. This time, it's Switzerland! Yay~

This has actually been in my folder for a long time, but I never managed to finish/edit it until now. Well, actually, I didn't really edit this all that well; I just briefly scanned it, because I just wanted to get this out there since it's been nothing more but litter in my folder. x'D

The overall plot of the story is actually really simple, and now that I think about it, it's a pretty short story despite it being around six pages long. I just tend to put unnecessary stuff in, I guess. Also, the ending really isn't all that great; I didn't know how else to end it and just...yeah, not exactly my best--but not exactly my worst--work.

Should you spot any mistakes, please do tell me right away so that I could change it~ (:

Vash Zwingli (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You
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