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September 8, 2012
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"Kesesesese, I'm so awesome!" Gilbert laughed as he watched the stone he just threw hit some unsuspecting person at a far distance. The silver-haired man clutched his stomach as he started laughing much more hysterically when his target looked around confused, wondering where the hell that rock came from.

"Ahhh, that was awesome," Gilbert commented once he had calmed down.

You were sitting under the shade of a huge tree, reading a book. You sighed and flipped the page while dryly replying to the man standing beside you, "Yes it was."

Gilbert glanced down at you with a disapproving look at how you didn't even look at what he did. It saddened the albino man a bit as he was trying to impress you. He unconsciously petted the small bird perched on his shoulder as he asked you, "What are you reading anyways?"

"A book," you answered simply as your eyes continued to scan the page.

"Oh, really?" Gilbert replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "Tch, you're so boring."

"Then why are you here?" you asked, taking your eyes of the book for a moment to look up at the male, "If I'm so boring, then why are you still here? You could leave you know. I don't mind being alone; I'm sure you wouldn't want to hang out with someone like me anyways..."

You didn't mean to say that last part and you mentally cursed as you turned your attention back to the book in front of you, hoping that Gilbert didn't hear it. Unfortunately, Gilbert did catch it, but he decided not to say anything for the time being. He placed his hands behind his head and shrugged, answering your question. "Everyone else is busy."

"I see..." you sounded bored, as if you didn't care at all about this conversation, or rather, you were still sulking about how you had let that one sentence out when you didn't mean to.

There was a brief moment of silence between the two of you as you guys had nothing else to say. Growing bored of the book, you slammed it shut and sighed, leaning back on the trunk of the tree behind you. You stared at the blue sky above you and watched the fluffy, white clouds lazily fly by. A small breeze blew and you smiled. Everything seemed so peaceful. Your eyes slowly closed as you relished in the tranquility of the moment.

Gilbert stared at you for a moment, admiring the peaceful expression on your face. He didn't want to admit it, but he had started to fall in love with you. He didn't know when, why, or how; he just did. When the two of you first met, the very first thing you said to him was, "You are awesome." A small smile made its way to Gilbert's lips as he remembered that day.

You were hanging out with Feliciano, Kiku, and Ludwig, or rather, you were trying to tease Ludwig. Ludwig seemed so big and buff to you, that you couldn't help but try to find a different side to his strong self. Unfortunately, you were unsuccessful in your attempts and just when you were about to give up on trying to make the man blush, Gilbert came. He hadn't seen you at first, so he was chatting happily with the three guys and said something that made Ludwig all flustered.

You couldn't help but stare in shock on how Gilbert was able to easily embarrass Ludwig while you had been making attempts for weeks, and yet you still hadn't been able to get even a small blush out of the guy. You decided that that guy right there was awesome, so of course, you walked up to him and stated it.

"You. Are. Awesome."

Gilbert stopped talking to the others and finally noticed you. He grinned widely as he replied, "I know I am!"

You blinked a couple of times before laughing and smiling. You held out your hand and introduced yourself, "I'm [Name]."

Ever since then, the two of you always hung out with each other. It wasn't awkward at all like your usual first encounters with others. It was an immediate friendship that the both of you were comfortable with. However, little by little, you started to like Gilbert that was beyond that of friendship, and without you knowing, it was the same for Gilbert.

You opened your eyes just a crack when you heard someone sit down beside you. You couldn't help but smile that it was none other than the silver-haired male. He sat criss-crossed on the grass with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Before...when you said that I wouldn't want to hang out with someone like you...what did you mean by that?" Gilbert asked curiously. He had tried to sound compassionate, but his voice ended up sounding gruff.

You shrugged and answered nonchalantly, "I don't know. I mean, you're awesome. ...I'm not."

"Who said that you weren't awesome?" Gilbert raised an eyebrow.

Once more, you shrugged, "No one I guess. I just...know that I'm not awesome."

You lightly bit your lower lip as you compared yourself to the albino. He was so confident in himself to the point of being completely arrogant, but at least he had confidence where you had almost none. You hated yourself. You hated how you looked, how you acted towards certain things and certain people, but over all, you hated being so insecure. Whenever someone complimented you, you would always deny it. This low self-esteem of yours made it hard for you to make friends with other people, but when you did make friends, they always loved you for who you were.

"Well, I think you're pretty awesome," Gilbert said once you became quiet. "I mean, you're the only one to make the awesome me fall in love!"

Your head snapped towards the silver-haired man when he said that.

"Kesesese, ich liebe dich, [Name]!" Gilbert confessed to you, looking straight at your eyes. You stared right back, completely captivated on how those crimson eyes showed so much truth and emotion.

"I-I..." you stuttered, trying to return the confession, but the words got caught in your throat.

Gilbert merely grinned as he slung his arm around you, bringing you much closer to him, "I know the answer already. I mean, how could anyone resist the awesome me?"

You couldn't help but giggle, "But I still want to say it, otherwise it'd just feel weird. I...I love you."

The albino's grin widened and his grip on you tightened a bit. "Good! Listen; don't go around sulking and thinking that you're not that good, because I dub you awesome."

"And that's good enough for me," you smiled.

Gilbert laughed, "Kesesese, good answer! Of course, you're not as awesome as me, but you're pretty close."

"You're so arrogant," you laughed as you jokingly punched the silver-haired man's arm.

"But you still love me," Gilbert said, grinning cheekily. You merely laughed, resting your head upon the albino's chest. Your eyes slowly closed, admiring the feel of being in Gilbert's arms.

"This is pretty awesome."
Waaaahhhh, lame ending is lame! ;; And short story is short.

Prussia is pure awesomeness. Also, has anyone tried combining the words "pure awesomeness" or at least tried saying it super fast? It sounds close to "Prussiawesomeness"...or maybe that's just me. :'P

Anyways! This was actually a WIP for a while now, and I just finished it now due to writer's block. ...But the ending still sucks anyway. Whatever. But yeah, I got the idea from my own low self-esteem. I thought the idea of a low self-esteem reader and an arrogant Prussia would be sweet with him telling the reader that they're awesome (and they are!).

Again, if you guys spot any mistakes, please tell me so that I could fix it right away. (:

Gilbert Beilschmidt/Prussia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to yourself [and the awesome Prussia~]
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adventuretimer101 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Yaaaaaaaassssssssss! You captured the awesomeness of Prussia perfectly
Avistella Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Haha, did I really? That's great to hear! I often feel insecure as to whether or not I was able to capture a character's personality or essence properly.
109144 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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MiraakTheDragonborn Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Me:Yesh...I'm awesome.


Belladonna:I guess so,so ja.

Gloriosa:SI!You're very awesome!

Azalea:But not as awesome as me!

Me:*whacks Azalea on the head with a book*You,miss,have been Maka-chopped.Google it.
Avistella Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Haha, nice.
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Avistella Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013
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So awesome, a brilliant story :)
Avistella Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. (:
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