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A Winter Day Together
Makoto Tachibana x Reader

You were innocently wasting the beautiful day away on your laptop when you were interrupted by the buzzing sound of your cell phone. You turned your attention towards it and picked it up. When you saw that it was your friend Makoto that had texted you, you couldn't help but smile.

The text read, "Going to have a snowball fight. Want to come?"

Your smile widened when you read the text; Makoto was always considerate and liked to include you in the swim team's activities despite the fact that you were barely there to cheer the team on or to watch their practices—you still showed your support of course, but since you were almost always there for their out of school activities, you managed to form a close bond with the team. It was all thanks to your childhood friend, Makoto.

"Alright, sure. Where?" you texted back.

You placed the phone down on your lap and glanced back at your computer screen. It was only a few seconds until your phone buzzed again, notifying you of a new text. Your eyes scanned the words displayed on the small screen.

"Iwatobi Park. Meet you in 15 minutes."

Iwatobi Park wasn't that far from your place. It was only about a five minute walk. You changed into comfortable clothes and put on your winter attire before heading out the door. The snow crunched beneath your boots as you walked towards the park. Your pace was easy and slow since you still had a lot of time left before your designated meeting time. You hardly went outside during the winter break since it was cold and there wasn't really much to do, so you took this as your chance to admire winter's beauty. Delicate icicles formed on trees and edges of roofs; a perfect blanket of white snow lined the streets, almost begging to have somebody make footprints on it; and the sidewalks glistened with ice that hasn't been salted yet. Eventually, you found yourself at your destination, and you were greeted by the swim team, plus Rin.

"Great!" Makoto exclaimed upon your arrival, "Now that [Name] is here, the teams are now even."

"I want to be on Haru-chan's team!" Nagisa shouted, raising his hand and running to said swimmer and clutching onto his arm.

"I want to be on sempai's team too!" Rei shouted immediately after Nagisa, claiming his spot.

Makoto chuckled and turned his attention towards you and Rin. "I guess we're in a team together then."

Both you and Rin nodded in acceptance of this team. Makoto then gathered everyone's attention.

"This is how we'll set the fight up up; each team will have 5 minutes to build a fort and get a head start on ammunition. After that, the team to call truce loses," Makoto explained the rules. "And just to be safe, rules are that you can't aim for above the neck nor can you make a snowball with ice in it. Doing so will disqualify the team. Is this fair?"

"Yessir!" everyone chorused.

Rei spoke, looking at his wristwatch, I'll keep time."


"And..." Rei paused for a second," Start!"

The group quickly dashed away and wasted no time in making their forts. You helped Rin and Makoto build a tall and thick fort. You knew with the amount of time, the fort will end up having a rather small width and space, but the other two didn't mind. Your eyes glanced towards the other team; they were focusing on getting as much width and space as possible, meaning that they would have to either crouch or lie on their stomachs for cover.

"Time!" Rei called out, signalling the end of five minutes.

No sooner than when Rei called time that snowballs went flying in the air. You ducked behind the snow fort as snowballs whizzed towards you. It was a barrage of snowballs; you didn't have time to throw even one without the risk of getting hit. Eventually, the amount of snowballs died down. The other team was losing ammunition.

"Now's our chance!" you heard Rin say.

The young man grabbed hold of one of the snowballs your team made in advance and threw it across the park. You followed suite, as did Makoto. This time, it was your team's turn to be on the offensive. As you threw, you realized your snowballs weren't getting as much distance or power as Rin's or Makoto's.

"I'm not that good at throwing," you said to Makoto. "I think it's better if I make the snowballs and you and Rin throw them. This way, we won't stop on our attacks."

"Sounds like a plan," Makoto smiled at you before turning his attention back to the fight.

Your cheeks flushed slightly before snapping yourself back to reality and making work of creating ammunition. While creating the snowballs, you would occasionally glance over to see how the snowball war was faring. This one time, you looked up and you saw Nagisa get hit in the chest with a snowball. The scene after that was like a parody of all those movies you've watched.

"I've been hit!!" the young man announced to the world before dramatically falling to the ground.

Haruka and Rei immediately went to his side, and Rin and Makoto stopped shooting snowballs. It was a merciful and kind act on their part, so that they could give the two their time to say their farewells to their fallen comrade. You too stopped making ammunition as you were too engrossed in this tragic and hilarious scene.

Rei was holding onto Nagisa's hand as he begged the young man not to go. You saw a weak smile on the fallen boy's face, but his eyes looked like he was just about ready to burst into laughter. You didn't quite hear what his 'final words' were, but you clearly heard Haruka and Rei repeatedly call out Nagisa's name before turning their attention back towards you and your team.

"Revenge!" the two shouted simultaneously as they began their furious assault of snowballs.


You huffed for breath as soon as the snowball fight was over. Your team was able to overpower the other, and they had called truce, making you and your team claim victory. After catching your breath, you all shook each other's hands and congratulated one another.

"Well, that was fun," you said.

"Indeed it was,” Rei replied.

Nagisa grinned and nodded in agreement, "Yeah, you're right!"

"We should definitely do this again sometime," Makoto suggested.

The others nodded, "I agree."

"Next time, I'll beat you again," Rin looked at Haruka with challenging eyes.

"We'll see about that," Haruka smiled, his eyes just as fierce as Rin's.

"Say, do you guys want to come over to my place for some hot chocolate?" you asked, inviting the guys over.

"Sure!" Makoto grinned, "That sounds lovely."

"Great!" you chirped. You turned your attention towards the other boys, waiting for their answer.

"Oh, sorry [Name]. I'd love to, but I need to do some stuff back home," Nagisa answered.

"Same here," Rei said. "Sorry."

You shook your head in understanding, "It's okay." You now waited for Rin's and Haruka's answer. "Well?"

"My coach wanted to talk with me about some stuff, so I can’t," Rin replied.

"I see. And you?" you asked, looking at Haruka.

Haruka didn't answer right away. He glanced towards Makoto before answering, "Maybe some other time."

"Alright then," you replied, not questioning what the young man's reason was for not being able to come over; although, you were curious as to why he hesitated upon glancing towards Makoto. "In that case, I'll see you all some other time?"

"Yeah. See you."

"Bye, and happy holidays!"

You all said your farewells as everyone asides from Makoto went on their own separate ways. As soon as everyone was gone, Makoto turned to look at you.

"Shall we go?" he asked, the usual kind smile on his face.

You nodded, unable to find yourself to reply with words. You turned on your heel and started heading towards the direction towards your house while Makoto walked beside you. The young man has visited your house many times before, but never alone. He usually came with a friend, or your friend would have been there or something like that. You started to grow self-conscious.

"What if my house is too messy for him? What if I act weird in front of him? What if I say something stupid? Oh my god..." you panicked, your thoughts in a complete whirlwind.

You were so engrossed in your thoughts that you didn't notice the icy patch beneath you, and you slipped. Makoto tried to catch you, but he too slipped, and the both of you fell hard on the ground.

"Ow," you winced, rubbing your lower back.

Makoto had already stood back up and was offering you his hand. "You okay?"

You nodded as you grabbed hold of his hand, "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks."

"Sorry I wasn't able to stop you from falling," the young man apologized.

"It's okay; don't worry about it," you offered a smile, feeling guilty for being the reason to have Makoto wear such an expression.

The two of you continued walking towards your house, exchanging small pleasant talk. Within a few minutes, the both of you found yourself in front of your house. You opened the door and gestured Makoto inside. You closed the door behind you as both you and Makoto took off your winter attire, letting out a blissful sigh upon the warm welcome of the heater.

"I'll go make the hot chocolate now," you said, making your way towards the kitchen. "You go take a seat."


You glanced behind you for a second before entering the kitchen to see Makoto sit on the sofa. You hummed a quiet tune to yourself as you worked around the kitchen, making the hot chocolate; it only took a few minutes. As soon as it was done, you walked back to where Makoto was and handed him the drink.

"Thanks," Makoto smiled at you as he graciously accepted the cup.

"You're welcome," you replied, plopping yourself down beside the young man with your own cup of hot chocolate.

"Today was a lot of fun," Makoto commented.

"Yeah, it was. Thanks for inviting me," you answered.

"It wouldn't be the same without you," Makoto replied cheerfully with an honest expression.

You blushed slightly at the comment and offered him an awkward smile, uncertain on how to reply to that. You directed your attention towards your cup of hot chocolate as silence filled the space between you two.

"So, what are your plans for the holiday?" Makoto asked, breaking the silence before taking a sip from his drink.

You shrugged, "I don't know. Probably sleep or something."

"You should come over to my house," Makoto suggested.

"Is that really alright with you?" you asked. "I mean, I wouldn't want to intrude..."

"You're not intruding!" Makoto answered almost immediately. "I would love to have you come over. Besides, the others are coming over as well, so even if you were intruding, you wouldn't be the only one."

"Well, if you insist..." you replied.

"Though, knowing the others, they might try to get us under the mistletoe..."

It was only a whisper as Makoto was mumbling to himself, but you heard that comment nevertheless. Your eyes widened slightly, and you looked at him. Makoto didn't realize that you heard him, so his eyes were curious when you gave him your full attention.

"I-I'm sorry, what was that?" you asked.

"What was what?" Makoto replied to your question with another question, feigning ignorance.

"You said something just now, didn't you?" you said. "I didn't hear what it was."

Makoto became flustered, "O-Oh, it's nothing! Don't worry!"

Your lips pressed together in a firm line as you set your cup of hot chocolate down on the table in front of you. You then shifted around so that you were directly facing Makoto, and you stubbornly crossed your arms over your chest. Your cheeks puffed slightly, and your eyes narrowed, urging the young man to repeat what he said. Of course, you had a faint idea of what he said, but you wanted confirmation, but even so, you couldn't stop your heart from beating so fast.

Makoto just stared at you, a small, amused smile on his lips at how adorable you looked at the moment. He poked your cheeks, but you stood your ground. There was no way he was going to back out of this. Eventually, the young man set his cup down beside yours before lacing his fingers together.

"Fine," he admitted defeat. "I said that Haru-chan and the others might try to get us under the mistletoe."

"W-Why?" you asked, heat rising to your cheeks.

A slight blush formed on Makoto's cheeks as he turned his head to the side, avoiding your gaze, "I-I'd rather not say. Maybe some other time."

"..." you said nothing and just continued to look at Makoto.

His eyes occasionally glanced over to you, but he would quickly look away soon after. You had a guess as to what the reason was, but you wanted to see if Makoto would say it now. Apparently he wasn't ready to tell you just yet, and to be honest, you weren't ready to confess your feelings yet either. But that was alright. It will happen soon enough.

You let out a sigh of defeat and brought down your defenses and offered Makoto a kind and understanding smile. You then leaned against him, and you let your shoulders droop as you felt comfortable and safe by his side.

"Alright then. I won't force you to tell me," you said, "but... I want to know eventually, okay?"

Makoto chuckled, "That's fair."

"Good," you replied before mumbling, "Because I wouldn't mind being under the mistletoe with you..."

"Neither will I."
Gift for :iconsoiarchaser:

Oh goodness, it's been a while since I last wrote a reader insert. I might have gotten a bit rusty, for a lack of a better word. Also, my first time writing Makoto! I hope I didn't make anyone OOC. Dx This was a lot of fun to write though. I kind of procrastinated and wrote this around 1AM to 3AM last night (technically this morning, but meh), so...hopefully it makes sense. x'D

If you see any mistakes, please tell me so that I may fix them right away!

Free! (c) Koji Oji
You belong to yourself
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