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September 8, 2012
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Arthur scrunched his eyebrows together as he watched Alfred sling his arm around your shoulder in a friendly manner and pulled you closer to him. It wasn't like Alfred was doing anything inappropriate with you, and you didn't mind having his arms around you; Alfred was your friend after all. Then, why did Arthur get so upset when he saw how close Alfred was to you?

"Yo [Name]! What's up?" Alfred asked in his usual loud voice, taking a bite from his hamburger that he held in his other hand.

"The sky," you lamely joked as a smile graced your lips. You thought that the reply was super lame, but Alfred laughed nevertheless.

"You busy today?" Alfred asked you curiously. "We could hang out!"

Arthur crossed his arms over his chest and frowned. You promised Arthur that you would spend some time with him that day, and you intended to keep it. Of course, the English man knew that you would keep your promise—you always did, but even so, he still couldn't help but get upset with Alfred.

You took a step away from Alfred and gave an apologetic laugh, "Sorry Alfred, but I promised Arthur that I would watch Doctor Who with him today."

"Ah, I totally understand," Alfred replied. "Next time then?"

You nodded, waving goodbye to him as you turned on your heel and started heading over to where the blond man waited for you. Arthur smiled as you approached him.

"Hey," you greeted him.

He returned the greeting and the two of you exchanged idle conversation before deciding to head over to Arthur's house to watch the well-known sci-fi show that is 'Doctor Who'.

"Honestly Arthur, I must thank you for getting me hooked on Doctor Who. It's such an amazing show!" you chirped, walking beside the man.

Arthur laughed, "I figured you would like it."

"I love it!" you exclaimed.

Arthur looked over at you and couldn't help but stare lovingly at your smiling face. Your (e/c) eyes shone brilliantly as you continued to talk about your most favourite companion in the show, and you would occasionally let out a wonderful laugh that sounded like music to the Brit man. The more Arthur looked at you and listened to your laughter, the redder Arthur's face got.

What was happening to him? He always got self-conscious whenever you were around; he would always stop and stare at you; he had this urge to protect you from anything that proved to be a threat to you... His words would almost always get caught in his throat whenever he talked to you; his face reddened significantly whenever you smiled at him; his dreams were always full of you.

Arthur loved you, but he didn't know that. ...Or maybe he denied it. He never felt this way before; it was a completely foreign emotion.

You enjoyed performing magic. Of course, they were your usual magic tricks of tricking the eye, using a sleight of hand and the like. It wasn't like Arthur's real magic, but he figured you used some sort of spell on him. You had him completely...spellbound.

The two of you eventually arrived at your destination, and he opened the door, gesturing with his arm for you to enter first. You thanked him; he was such a gentleman. Arthur followed closely behind you, closing the door behind him.

You visited Arthur's house many times now, and it already felt like a second home to you. Your feet walked over to his living room and plopped down on the sofa in front of the television. Arthur inserted the DVD of the show and sat down beside you, feeling a bit awkward.

"Oh, I love this episode," you breathed out, already completely captivated as the Doctor appeared in his blue TARDIS.

The two of you continued to watch until it reached the last episode on the current DVD. You waited patiently for Arthur to take out the DVD and insert the next one; he always did this. It was one of his gentleman-like actions, but when he made no move at all, you couldn't help but look over at him curiously. He seemed deep in thought.

"Arthur?" you asked with slight worry in your voice. You waved your hand in front of Arthur's face, trying to get the Brit's attention.

"H-Huh? Oh, it's done..." Arthur said lamely, snapping himself back to reality. "Sorry...Here. I'll put the next one in."

Arthur made his way to get up, but you gently placed your hand on his arm, stopping him in his tracks. "Arthur, wait."

"What is it, love?" he asked you; his smile looked a bit...nervous?

"Is something wrong?" you asked him, completely concerned for your friend. "You know you could tell me, right?"

"I-It's nothing," Arthur stuttered. "It's just that..."

"That...?" you urged the blond man to continue with his sentence.

Arthur sighed, figuring that maybe it was about time he confronted you about how he felt. He took a deep breath and asked, "...What did you do to me?"

"...I'm not sure I understand what you mean," you replied, scrunching your eyebrows together after a moment of silence, thinking about what the Brit could possibly be talking about but coming up empty.

"You must have put some spell on me," Arthur continued. "I can't stop thinking about you. I get this horrible feeling in my stomach whenever I see you hang out with some other guy. I can't stay mad at you. I feel...euphoric every time you smile at me, laugh with me, and just being with you lifts up my mood. You have me completely spellbound; can't you stop the spell or something like that?"

Arthur looked at you with serious eyes, and you couldn't help but stare at them, completely entranced until you registered what Arthur said to your mind. It took a while for what Arthur said to sink in, and once it did, a soft giggle escaped your lips. At first it was just a quiet giggle, but then it turned to a full blown out laughing fit with you clutching onto your stomach.

"Wh-What are you laughing about?!" Arthur inquired, a blush making its way to the English man's cheeks. "Take this bloody spell you cast on me off!"

Your laughter slowly died down, and then you looked at him in a way that made the blond man blush even more. "Well, I guess you could say that being in love is magic as well. It is a magical feeling after all. Arthur, you asked me to get rid of the spell, but to be honest...I don't want to."

"Why?" Arthur asked you quietly. He seemed embarrassed by the fact that he thought you had put a spell on him when in reality; he was just in love with you. It was also pretty embarrassing that you had to find out like that.

"Because," you answered him honestly, "I love you."

The room became quiet after your confession; Arthur was shocked silent and you had looked down to hide your blushing face. What seemed to be hours passed by before you spoke again.

"But if you really want, I could try taking the spell off of you...I don't know how exactly, but I could try..."

"No," Arthur cut in. "It's alright. I guess I don't mind being spellbound. It's...a nice feeling."

You slowly raised your head to look at the blond man. He was staring at you with a look in his eyes that made the butterflies in your stomach flutter. He took your hand in his and rested his forehead upon yours, heat rising to his cheeks once more.

"I love you."
Well, here's some England love for you guys! Sorry if he's (a bit?) OOC...I tend to do that a lot with my writing. o___o;

This...sounded much better in my mind. =/ (Don't you just hate it when that happens?) I honestly have no idea where this idea came from. I was just watching some Doctor Who in my living room when BAM! I was K.O.'ed by this idea (not really) and then I just had to write it!

I've never really been in love (with an actual living person at least) and have never been in a relationship, so I sort of see being in love similar to magic, in which the person of affection is the one who cast a spell on you. But then there's the whole "magic is illusions" thing, and...meh, I didn't really want to dive too deep in the idea. I wanted to keep it (somewhat) short and sweet. I'm not sure if I succeeded.

I hope you enjoy. (: Please tell me if you spot any grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. mistakes along the way, and I'll be sure to fix it right away!

Arthur Kirkland/England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to yourself [and England~]
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adventuretimer101 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
What's Doctor Who? I mean people mention it but they never explain it when I ask, because of this I have grown to hate the subject yet still ask. :l
Avistella Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Doctor Who is a long-running British sci-fi television show that first started airing all the way back at 1963. To put it in basic terms (because the show is so complex), it follows the story of an alien that looks like a human, called The Doctor. He, along with his companions, travel through space and time in his TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space).
It's a wonderful show and pretty unique. The actors are amazing, the music is beautiful, and the story is absolutely superb. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Silver-AuraWolf Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Doctor Who is a sci-fi show. It's about a time traveler named The Doctor with a blue police box called the TARDIS and he travels across time and space with it. He also has human companions with him. There's more to it though and it's an amazing show that I'm just now getting into. Hope this helps.
EvilAngel3 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You, Ma'am, have incorporated 3 of my fandoms in ONE story, that makes you FANTASTIC.

1. Doctor Who

2. Hetalia

3. The whole spell talk makes it all a bit Harry Potter. :D
Avistella Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
Haha, thank you so much for the compliment! It makes me happy to find people who share the same fandoms as me! :D
EvilAngel3 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:D I understand this feeling, it's quite exciting to meet others as crazy as you are. :)
madmaddie109 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You just put one my favorite fandoms into another one of my favorite fandoms. Fantastic!
Avistella Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
Haha, I love putting fandoms within other fandoms; it's the best. =w=
12popscotch Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
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A whovian I see..
so the million dollar question..

Allons-y or Geronimo?
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